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Why 'Dela Move' is Perfect Quarantine Music

Chronixx’s new single is him bursting onto the scene with a message, I’ll let you know why its everything I needed to hear right now...

Dela Move is the first single from Chronixx’s new Album ‘Dela Splash’. Now, if your next thought after reading that is ‘who is Chronixx?’, my dear, we need to talk. I’d just pause right here and start with reading the first post I ever wrote about Koffee’s ‘Toast’, which I wrapped with Chronixx’s ‘Here Comes Trouble’ (shameless plug, but since you’re here). Like ‘Toast itself, I was filled with optimism at the start of 2019 and had no idea of the whirlwind and dizzying heights I would catapult to that year. I wasn’t ready. But the lessons learnt over twenty something years of a try-first-and-see attitude, were the tools I carried on my back, no matter how heavy, to face everything as it came with audacity and hopefully grace. It was far from easy, but lord knows the journey was nothing short of poetic, a mini odyssey of sorts. And gratitude was the anchor that always kept me ten toes down.

Now the whole world has screeched to a gut-wrenching halt. We’ve been forced to catch our breath, look inwards and just recentre. Clear our minds of the constant onslaught of noise coming from every direction, and just refocus on the things that are truly important. It’s a serene yet eerie moment of silence. We really are in unprecedented times and it’s terrifying, but as to not give into anxiety, I’m trying to focus on the things I can control. Sort of like in the video, cleansing my environment and myself while it seems the world is on fire. This is the time to do some inside work, confront our inner child. Ask ourselves what we truly want after the dust has settled and all this is said and done. The universe has weird way of doing that; recalibrating and reminding us that despite our human perception of superiority, there are higher powers even beyond our understanding.

Be still and know that I am God’.

Despite everything, the universe will always find its balance. And as a part of it, so should we. Like the libra-scale of his sign, this is the energy that Chronixx always brings to his music. In these testing times he brings comfort while also stirring you into action.

The traditional Rastafarian nyabinghi drumming reminds me of my father, a Ghanaian man with a love for the reggae music that punctuated my childhood. The flutes provide elevation, letting you know that this will be a spiritual experience. The hip hop sample underlying the whole song is haunting (perhaps because I can’t quite place it). It’s a slow pulse of adrenaline, akin to the heartbeat of a sprinter seconds before the starting pistol. The sample somehow takes me to Beyoncé, embodying greatness as she obliterated the Coachella stage. And finally, his lyrics, a gentle invitation to open your mind. Chronixx tells us that to really understand him you need to ‘read between the lines’. Interpret the picture he paints not only with his music but his visuals too (I mean honestly this video is LOADED and just stunning).

Though Dela Splash will be his third album, Chronixx is now ready to truly step out into the world; equipped with his talent, his body of work, and his divine sense of purpose. This is an introduction, and above all, this is a testament to growth.

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