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Hello, Hi.....

So if you've just stumbled onto this little blog of mine, welcome.

I basically write about music, but not in the standard way (I hope....Well what does 'standard' even mean really?). Music has always been the soundtrack to all the major moments in my life,  as I'm sure it is for anyone reading this. I like to look at music through the lens of real life; how a particular song makes you feel, a moment in time it takes you back to, the message the artist wanted to portray based on my understanding of the song and them. An empath's view I guess. Sometimes songs or albums will be central to the blog post, other times it will just be a background feature.

This is purely my perspective. The perspective of a twenty-something year old Londoner navigating this thing called life, with a pair of headphones and a Mac. You may or may not agree with my point of view, which is fine. Either way, I hope you can relate in some way. If not, I hope you at least enjoy the read.

TOP TIP: Listen to the songs before/while you are reading the post. Trust me...

Want to find out my take on a piece of music? Maybe you want to give me some feedback (be as constructive as you can please, no pointless negativity in these parts,  thank you...x). Or you might just want to say Hola! Drop me a line down below. Who knows, it might inspire me to write something.



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