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Hello, Hi.....

So instead of writing a typical 'about' page around who I am and my credentials (in the words of a friend of mine, ‘I aint shit yet’). I'll just give you a bit of context around where my head was at when I finally decided to take the plunge and start this blog. I wrote the next section in January 2018 and it’s just been sat on my desktop ever since,  under the name ‘Love letters to myself’ (I might post more of them, I’m not sure yet…).


I’m Nic. Or Nico. Or Nicola. Whichever works.

Why am I here? Why am I writing this? In all honesty I don’t know. All I know is I feel pretty all over the place at the moment and I’ve just had this niggling urge to write for months . It was sitting very politely and cross legged in the back of my mind for a while, but over time it’s started pushing its way through the whirlwind of noisy thoughts  in my mind and has forced itself to the forefront , gripping me with an overwhelming and undeniable urge to put pen to paper. Or rather in this more 21st Century appropriate case, finger to laptop keyboard.

So. That being said, here I am.

What am I going to write about? Your guess is as good as mine at the moment. I just know that in the minute or so its taken me to write this little piece  of pure waffle, I’ve felt the stress and worries of my day and of my past few months begin to untangle the knot in my chest, and seep through my fingers into…well.. what you are reading now.

So on behalf of me and my very unorganised thoughts, feelings, dreams, ambitions, fears, opinions, observations and just general random musings, welcome.


Present Day...........

So….whew.  Since I wrote that a lot has changed. For one I have a better idea around what I want to write about. 


Looking back at that girl, you’d think I would feel sorry for her. But you know what? I’m actually quite proud. She managed to pull herself out of that anxious head space and has never felt so at peace in her life. That self-love and growth has led to everything just sort of falling into place. Is her life perfect? Nope. Does she still mess up sometimes? I mean..duh. Does she have all the answers Sway?? I mean she’s a Leo so she probably thinks she does. Emphasis on the word thinks. But does she have an unwavering belief that everything is moving as it should, that she is valid, that she is deserving, and she is able?

These are a lot of questions I know. So instead of doing all of that here, I hope you guys enjoy reading the little life lesson’s I’ve encountered, through the lens of the art form I’ve cried to, danced to, meditated to, and pretty much ‘lifed’ to ever since I could remember. I’ve kind of always got a song playing in my head. No seriously. In most situations there’s  a little Nico  doing a small two step in some corner of my brain (remember that the next time we’re having a serious conversation). 


But in all seriousness. I feel like there is so much meaning and inspiration that can be taken from music, but nowadays people seem to mainly focus on just the turn up aspect of 'urban music'. Which don't get me wrong, definitely serves a purpose, and is a mood, a feeling, a 'vibe'. But sometimes it means the real artistry of music; the samples, the word play, the message,  goes over people's heads.

I mean to be really honest... I don't  massively love mainstream commentators' use and interpretation of the 'urban' genre. It sometimes  feels kind of lacking,  trying to define a spirit  that transcends music genres, generations, geographical locations; and is most beautifully produced by  the diaspora. Maybe I'm trying to fill that gap. Or maybe I just want an outlet.

 Either way, I hope to meet like minds, who no matter what they listen to, and no matter what it makes them feel, walk though life with the best of intentions, surrounded by the notes of rhythm and soul.

As past Nico once said to nobody in particular, Welcome.

Want to find out my take on a piece of music? Maybe you want to give me some feedback (be as constructive as you can please, no pointless negativity in these parts,  thank you...x). Or you might just want to say Hola! Drop me a line down below. Who knows, it might inspire me to write something.